About Us


This is Sasuke and I’m Victoria

Welcome to our journey and our story! Here’s some background of who we are and what we are doing!

Sasuke is a Hokkaido mix and was adopted from a wonderful shelter in Osaka, Japan and these posts are the ramblings about his new life in Kyoto and beyond with me in his first and last forever home. I am an expat from the UK, a complete cliche, as I am an English teacher and thanks to the pandemic have been able to finally create a better work life balance for both of us.

Originally created to document our first year together, which has now past spectacularly by, we continue to write about what we get up to exploring around Kyoto and further afield. Included are the highs and lows of training, adjusting to our life together and what we encounter around Japan as we (fingers crossed) travel.

We both hope you enjoy reading this as much as we enjoy living and writing about it. Seriously half of this stuff you couldn’t even make up and we live it. Check out Bad Example for more!

Watching you!

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