Finding Sasuke

The summer heat has been brutal this past week and neither Sasuke and I have enjoyed it. At all.

As a result we have had to seriously compromise on the amount of walking that we do each day. We are now lucky if we can complete an hour to two hours a day. While this is still long the times that we do go for a walk aren’t really ideal. 5:30am before work and between 6 and 7pm at night depending on when I finish work.

Heatstroke for Sasuke is a very real possibility even though I have cooling mats, wraps, ice cubes and cooling fans going for him he still has trouble with the intense humidity and heat. We try to only have a perfunctory walk each day, although to be fair Sasuke hasn’t quite fully understood the memo on that!

To compensate, yes we spend longer out however we do just literally sit by the river and have epic belly rubs with lots of treats and water then we continue our walk back home.

A couple of days ago I decided to rearrange my wardrobe, which has lots of boxes from England and try to condense them so I could have some actual wardrobe space for my clothes.

The game of wardrobe Tetris went well and Sasuke was mostly in the genkan while said activity and cussing went on and when I had finished he decided to inspect said work.

See above picture for Sasuke’s conclusion.

It’s been three days since the first game of Finding Sasuke and he appears to enjoy being inside. It keeps him cool, reduces his stress levels and well… whatever makes him happy! When things like this occur I have learnt to just roll with it – even though all of my newly washed and pressed clothes smell of Sasuke -and take it that he is making himself comfortable at home.

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