Nemesis : Redux

Hello and welcome to part two of the saga that is visiting the vets!

Last week I posted that Sasuke would be going to the vets due to a lump on his paw – well – I went on his behalf, armed with a whole load of pictures.

After twenty minutes of showing pictures and discussing the exact location of the lump between his paws, that fact that he was chewing and gnawing at the paw for months even though nothing was visible every time I checked, it was concluded that we still do not know without further tests.

Sas has been walking fine, no visible outward signs of stress or pain and so the vet and I decided that a round of antibiotics would be good to determine if it could be a localized infection. Sas is to take two tablets, two times a day. Alternatives would be samples and biopsies. Oh and side note Sas has to wear a cone to prevent him from chewing and licking said paw. He has his blue bandanna because a plastic cone would result in me going back to A&E with another animal bite and I do not need that poop fest again. As such I just get alternating looks of “why are you doing this” and “I will kill you in your sleep – nobody will never know”. Sigh.

Side effects of the medication he is on include vomiting, diarrhea and loss of appetite, any signs of which we are to stop antibiotics and go to the vet immediately. Mercifully this has not happened to Sas and he is taking the meds like an absolute champ. Now that winter has fully set in, his coat is all big and fluffy so snuggles, hugs and belly rubs or the order of the day and take on extra meaning because he knows he isn’t well. Equally so, the lump hasn’t really gone down significantly enough with the antibiotics so another trip to the vets and a third maybe in order for the full biopsy. If we are going to see what it is, might as well go the whole way.

As I write this post, my gorgeous boy is passed out asleep next to me having done nothing more strenuous than have his breakfast. We will be soon going out for a short walk, poop and pee time.

It’s never a dull moment in our house and I wouldn’t have it any other way… okay, I would prefer it if one of us wasn’t sick, dumped in the river, making a bid for freedom, or you know, chewing my clothes from time to time. Meh.

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