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We are now firmly settled into 2022. Sas and I had a rather deep discussion as to what to post first for this new year and we both came to the conclusion that we should give an overview of what our end goal will look like along with an outline of what to expect for this coming year in terms of posts. Not too sure about the adventures – drama – a most definite yes. Adventures – well highly possible.

Right. Are you sitting comfortably with coffee or tea? Good. Here goes.

Sasuke and I want to move to New Zealand to work and live in a van/car and have the travel experience. Why New Zealand? Why live in a van/car?

Well, carry on reading 🙂 .

During the height of the pandemic I started a University course in a subject which I absolutely adore: Egyptology. This has unexpectedly opened doors for me and is a three year course and let me just add here, Sas is now well versed in Hieroglyphic writing systems, English profanity and the labours and pitfalls of citing Herodotus as a source (you don’t want to know what the profanity regarded ..). Looking at the big picture, what this means is that I can’t do anything extra, like moving to another country, until the course is finished. I am now halfway through my second year.

Somehow between work, depression, out services and studying with Sas I came across van life with the realization that I do not want to work for large corporations any more and want to travel with Sas. Doing this in Japan is very difficult due to visa restrictions, my current company’s policies and my distinct lack of ability to drive. When looking into doing a partial van life with a car, camping equipment and work here in Japan as well as having a physical apartment to pay for, it soon racked up all the cost with no escape out of the grind and politic that is work. I no longer want that for my health, Sasukes health nor for our collective well being.

So moving to another country it is, but first steps have to be taken. Driving lessons first and foremost. Gutting the apartment and getting rid of all excess large furniture and unneeded/unwanted items such as books and clothing will be an ongoing process over the next year to two years. Constant saving for vaccinations, paperwork, visas, flights, shipment it takes its toll even more so when work demands more and pays less for your skills that they have trained you for.

We look to NZ and not the UK because there are more opportunities in NZ in terms of traveling, selling our photography and art work, and we have family there too. The UK, while we have family there also; there were so many bad experiences with cars, motorbikes, the law – theft of vehicles and insurance companies etc – that I cannot be doing with the anxiety. Anyway. NZ it is.

With a plan and a rough timeline in place (end of the University course – just to clarify!) Sas and I can begin the process of scaling down our apartment, finding new ways to save money and cut costs saving for the first big expense driving lessons.

And that is what we have done to date. Before and during winter break, Sas and I got rid of 80% of our large furniture and we are in the process of gathering all the unwanted books, tying them up and having them recycled. We have some large furniture which will be sent to the recycling or city waste area as its simply too big and we can’t give it away.

Mid December I signed up for driving lessons and I start them February and the earliest that I can complete the course is June. So here is to maybe perhaps passing first time!

So far we are on track, timeline wise… money.. not so sure!

When February rolls around, the next steps are enquiries and costings for Sas and his visa, paperwork, medical stuff and costing for flights, quarantine etc and shipment costs for the remaining items we will have. This doesn’t include visa, travel and everything else for entry into NZ – that will be once we have the costings in place. I’ve been gathering all the pertinent paperwork to help ease and speed the visa application along when it comes down to it and honestly it all terrifies me in a good way because this change is going to be for the better, for Sas first and foremost and also for me.

To digress a little, I can’t wait to see Sasuke’s reaction to the beach for the first time or his reaction to walking back in a forest again and being outside more than in. I hope we will continue to grow together where, I don’t have to leave him at home for long periods of time due to work and that he can come with me and he will be welcomed.

Are you still with us?? Hmmmm????? Be honest!

Ok – you are?! Great!!

What does this mean for upcoming posts … well, we will continue to update on all that is happening or not happening in terms of Sasuke, his adventures and his drama. We have the yearly trauma of rabies vaccination to still do this year so watch out for that post!

Not to mention all the checks pre and post travel. Sigh. He is going to hate me so much he will death glare me in my sleep.

We will also update on the milestones of what is happening with our move along with any impact or ramifications from decisions made or not made. Who knows what could and will happen. We are playing the international boarders opening game and waiting until closer the time to get a better understanding of what’s happening. I mean after getting everything ready and boarding our flight, NZ could still close their boarders to us.. sooooo.. who knows!

We look forward to sharing our journey with you!

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