Welcome to another installment of .. well.. this! Organizing for van life, Sasuke not walking and working himself up something silly, work and projects galore.

Starting with van life – its going well and on track. Driving lessons have been fun and very instructive. Although the upfront cost is expensive I would definitely recommend learning to drive here in Japan. Preeeetty sure I would not be getting this level of confidence and instruction back in the UK. Not saying the driving instructors in the UK are bad – actually the opposite, the system of getting you started on the roads while beneficial is actually very stressful. In Japan we learn all the basics including hill starts!! in an actual driving school and because there are other learner drivers doing exactly the same thing – well – it takes the pressure off as we are all in the same situation. Can’t wait to drive on the main roads!

I’m still working on the same projects as before, drawing, photography and the possible thesis/business idea – I just need time to move them forward as work is getting in the way. As always. There are some days Sas and I just find there is not enough time in the day to do everything. That being said we still try!

Sas had a major freakout yesterday (Thursday) evening – one which was not only shocking to witness but really out of character for him as well.

I managed to get the harness on him and him clipped in. Now usually he sits in the corner until I get the lead, occasionally whining like a two year old about having to go out. However with enough encouragement he will get up and walk to me and we can go. What was different was that he started shivering and shaking so badly that I though he had an allergic reaction to something he had got hold of and sneakily eaten.

No. He was shaking so badly because he didn’t want to go out into the cold for a walk. Sometimes his teeth chatter when he shakes but its anticipation not because he’s scared and aside from the harness I have absolutely no .. and I mean no, none, nada, zip, zippy, clue as to what set hime off. I don’t think I did anything different to what we usually do.

So I took the harness off him, put it to one side and sat next to him rubbing slow circles on his chest. He slowly started to calm down. When he calmed down enough to not be shaking anymore – I put the harness in the other room. I sat with him until he lay down and he all but fell asleep on me. Needless to say we didn’t go for walks last night. When it was time for bed, he curled up on the bed with me and stayed there all night.

First off I can’t believe he didn’t bite me or snap at all given how stressed he was and second, the level of trust he showed me last night will stay with me forever. Goes to show. Never rush your dog into anything. At all. Don’t always pet them sometimes that can make the situation worse. Sitting next to them is all they need to calm down and to know you are not a threat – and you sit there for as long as it takes. No More. No Less.

As you can see from the picture above.. he never leaves my side. I have to say, I absolutely love this about him and it was something I really wanted to experience as a dog custodian – and now I do and I absolutely adore him more over it because it shows his trust towards me.

Thats been the drama for us this week – my driving lessons and Sasukes bad reaction to walkies. Although I should probably add that today even though he wasn’t keen on walking outside – he still did it 🙂 .

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