Bath Time!

All dogs smell. My dog smells. Thats just the way of things. Do they have to stink? Well apparently mine does. Regardless of what I do – Sasuke smells.

The difference is, however, on how much he smells. Once a month he has a dry shampoo bath where I spend a couple of hours brushing and massaging him and working in the shampoo for him to smell at the very least reasonable. Does this last?

Hahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaa! No.

By our next walk he smells again. This is from a combination of stress (cars, cyclists and random people are still a problem) and face planting the Kamo river when he sees it. So, I hear you all cry what do you do to keep the dog smell at bay? Well.. I don’t use a dog deodour thats for sure, they don’t get rid of the smell at all. However thats the next column >>>.

Back to bath time. It takes two people to actually bathe Sasuke because to say he hates water is generous. As a compromise I dry shampoo him however does he sit still long enough for me to do it? No. Not even close, however using treats (kong toys work best) helps him focus on something else. Once thats finished all bets are off. If I’m not done then you can bet your last ditch attempt at saving this year that I will be chasing him around the apartment. So. not. cool.

Fixing that doggy stench… So you smell dog everywhere in your place… what to do?

Faced with this problem, because where I live we get blamed for every bad smell that occurs – go figure – I have been concocting my own anti smelly dog recipe. Also full disclaimer, I adore my dog, I just don’t want to smell like my dog!

Nothing was really working when I tried to get rid of the smell, it would simply come back stronger so I decided to make my own (now debating whether to share and lose the chance of making money or just off it and share?!). I love a clean and fresh apartment, also a lived in apartment, however thats not always possible with a dog.

Either way, the landlady wanted to check how we are doing and the first comment made was about my dog – that she couldn’t smell him and that she expected my apartment to stink of dog. I was both insulted and doing backflips inside – it worked! So the reason I tell this story is not to bitch -however I would be justified because no-one believes I tidy and clean and this example exonerates me! -its to show that this time it worked and that we were being blamed for no reason!!

Ok – so if you got this far, here is the recipe for making your own dog apartment/house deodoriser…

You Will Need: One huge ass spray bottle to pour everything into..

1 cap of bleach; 1 cap of disinfectant; 2 very large squirts of air freshener smelly stuff (liquid not aerosol) and dilute it all with water. What scent you chose from the smelly stuff is up to you – I like basic soap/cotton/lemon. Happy cleaning!

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