Congratulations! You’re a dog owner!

Well obviously that’s a no brainer! You’ve either adopted, paid an exorbitant sum or both for your dog – of course you’re a dog owner! Duh!

(Yes I know double post Tuesday! yeay! [wave hands manically in the air])

But how do you know you’ve made it? You’re their owner – it doesn’t mean to say they have to love you back or even listen to you, all they have to do is chew on something you hold precious and boom off (back) to the shelter. So. how do you know?

Gotta tell you right now, mine was not pretty. Not pretty at all. I know I made it, that Sas is happy living with me not through any grand achievement or walking without pulling or not throwing a hissy fit at him after the Burberry Coat incident (should have seen this shite year coming – that was just the precursor pre covid!!). No. All of that pales in comparison to what he did the other day.

He sneezed. In. My. Face.

Then he looked at me all innocent and walked off expecting me to follow to give him a belly rub. Thanks. 😐

Aside from the shock on my part, Im pleased to say – nailed it! I’m a dog owner although that should now probably be rephrased – I’m owned by Sas – either way nailed it! I don’t think I’ve laughed so hard, nor been so grossed out by what he did but hey at least he was comfortable enough with me to do it! Oddly enough the world didn’t change, I haven’t suddenly become a dog trainer extraordinaire (like he would listen to me anyway!!) nor have the formula to become one. Its just been all these little acts of endearment, encouragement and lots and lots and lots of belly rubs, walks and (for all my sins I am about admit..) singing. Yes I sing to Sasuke and I also read stories or academic journal articles to him. All this accumulated to him sneezing. in. my. face. Oh, and sleeping next to me at night 🙂

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