Day Time Sleepiness

Since the last two(!) posts I have had an impromptu week off work, the result of there being too many staff and not enough work (yeay?!). Anyhooo, what this has meant is that I have been able to spend an unusually exorbitant amount of time with Sasuke and there are a few things I have noticed.

Sasuke hates morning walks.

And I mean hate!

Each time I endeavored to get up early – like arse crack of dawn early (Im soooooo not a morning person) to go for walks with him, the little faker has faked sleep! I drag my sorry backside out of bed, make an obscenely strong coffee that would scare a sailor, give Sasuke his breakfast and then get ready. By the time I can remotely pass as a human being, Sasuke has eaten (to varying degrees) his breakfast and then does one of three things: hide in the wardrobe and fakes sleep, sit on his bed away from the wardrobe and fakes sleep or curl up on my bed and fakes sleep. Then has the audacity to give me ‘that look’ to say ‘Why did you wake me up!”

Each morning has been like this; we are at an impasse.

Throughout the day he will move around but shows no great desire to go walking outside, even though Im standing there like an idiot proving Einsteins definition of madness to encourage walkies, every. single. day.

Case in point as I write this he is curled up asleep in the corner of our living room, enjoying the cooler heat from outside with the windows open. Sometimes I do think he is older than 6/7 years old and perhaps we shouldn’t go on such long walks as it may tire him out more, yet when we are on our walks, he’s like a puppy – all exuberance and playful inquisitiveness. Sigh. So much for playtime and training!

Great news is that it is a lot cooler now particularly in the evenings so we go for a longer walk out and about – in the dark, where Sasuke is at his happiest! We do have a good time on these walks even though he has yet to master the ‘come here’ training (he stops looks back as if to say ‘What?!” then gets this look on his face to say – lets test her what if I walk and not run ahead – what will she do? –Swear. Swear profusely is what I will do!) otherwise he would be free to run wild on the little island in the middle of the river.

Hopefully with me back at work and our routine – which I tried to keep!! – will come back and after being out of the house, he will enjoy me coming back home. Sigh. At least I was productive during this time!


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