After the awful drama of the past few weeks life has settled back down again. Mostly because we have avoided the river. Entirely.

Sasuke, for his part, has been super affectionate and doting. Always asking for hugs and kisses, I guess just general reassurance in light of what happened and I have been very happy to oblige.

It’s been a gradual change with Sasuke, this level of affection, and now its at the point that every night, so far, I have had to squeeze into a tiny corner of my bed because he has sprawled and passed out all over it. He is a bed hog. Go figure.

Every night for the past two to three weeks I have been subjected to a treatise, and to be fair this also includes lunch time when its my day off, on why Sasuke’s food is his and why my food is also his (see the instagram post for actual footage!). For as long as I am eating, I have no peace. Clearly he missed the sad puppy eyes trick which would actually get him more food. Shhhhh. Don’t tell him! 😉

A year on and it still irks that I have to leave him to go to work. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy my job and in this period of time I am even more grateful to even have a job when so many don’t, or face terrible uncertainty, I’m simply selfish enough to want to have Sasuke with me, or be with Sas, all the time. Even if he gets fed up with me, I know I haven’t missed out on anything with him. Such is life and I’m grateful for having him in my life at all.

Hopefully, and fingers are crossed ever so tightly here, that the utter wanton destruction he caused this time last year, is behind us although I’m not ruling out temper tantrums where he then skulks off and destroys his box bed. Yes thats happened. And will most likely continue to happen. We all have our days. I come home now from work and I find him curled up asleep on my bed, my coming home has woken him up and there is nothing more adorable than Sasuke just waking up. He slowly uncurls, turning his head to look at where the noise came from, still sleepy, and when he recognizes me he wags his tail, still curled up on the bed. Evidently my not being home and then homecoming are not jump worthy. 🙂 I missed you too gorgeous!

Walking, and walking well, is a work in progress. He is a lot more confident now to the point he has a butt wiggling, ears forward, confident tail curling walk in front of me now and it is a joy to see. The next step is to introduce him to new places and walks away from the river and Yoshida. Sas will be ok, he will just drive me crazy in the process. Wish us – and by us I mean me! – luck! …..

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