Where to begin.

Oh thats right… after that night.

After Sundays tirade of Sasuke’s inevitable bid for freedom and now my extreme prejudice for anything nature, the following week was as surreal as it was real. In that – it actually happened.

Sunday, moreover Monday, was nothing out of the ordinary except for the fact that I spent the entire day debating where I should go for a shot against becoming either a zombified otter or you know worse – permanently sick. Finally after much discussion with co-workers, it was decided I should go to the University Hospital across from where I live. Monday night – closed. Tuesday it is then.

Tuesday rolled round and it was Sasuke’s turn for the vet to make sure he was ok after Sunday – turns out he was and that he’s put on weight…forget winter fat.. summer fat is totally the way to go! (facepalm). So. All good on the Sasuke front. Next stop. The ER.

I make it to the ER and after much disbelief at being bitten and Japanese bureaucracy, I’m seen by interns, residents and their supervisor. After many photo ops of my leg and bite and constant verification of my story, yes I was bitten (duh I was there!!) and yes I know otters aren’t native, yes Im sure it was an otter (little shit), no I’m not pregnant, I was finally given a Tetanus shot and a weeks worth of antibiotics. All good!


Tuesday evening until Wednesday morning I was violently sick. There are no words to describe how sick I was. Somehow I managed to call in sick to work on Wednesday competing with a horrific stomach which couldn’t keep much down and a migraine from loosing so much fluid. Yeah. Teaching wasn’t going to happen. By Thursday the migraine had lessened to where I was starting to feel somewhat human and (check – yep still not a zombie otter!) normal, I made it back to the ER where they did blood tests and stuck me onto an IV with Saline because I had lost so much fluid and electrolytes. I was asked if I had an appetite, I assumed I gave a withering look, because I was assured that if I ate something I would feel better. Yeah. You be sick for 12 hours and still have an appetite! No. Asked if I had any allergies, I said yes to lactose so was recommended a yoghurt to eat to kickstart my appetite, by a more senior doctor. Face. Palm.

Thursday evening I was feeling better and slowly increasing my food intake so Friday I went back to work. Still not a zombie otter nor particularly hungry.

A full week on, Sasuke is.. well.. Sasuke. Unfazed by all this drama he now has the added title of warm comforter – don’t think I would have made it through without him. Even though he caused this!

I am still recovering and have finished the course of antibiotics, with an underlying headache which hasn’t gone fully, dizzy spells because I lack iron (broccoli is key here!), and a remarkably high snark level to all things nature and environment. No I don’t want to save the little shit, sorry, insert animal here, that is going to kill me. Hey ho. This week is a new week and we can only move on and learn lessons, I mean clearly I’m going to have to go on walks armed now against killer otters and other wildlife or you know – avoid the river. Whatever.

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