Time after Time

Hello! I missed last weeks posting because I forgot Tuesday – it literally passed me by and when I realized, it was Saturday. Also our days now are so so so boring I cannot tell you how ecstatic I am about boring. Wax lyrical and compose sagas and odes to boring ecstatic. And so here is a remarkably mundane post about what our mornings are like.

One morning Sasuke became restless after waking up and so naturally he decided to wake me up with a wonderful combination of heavy breathing, a weird combo of bark, growl and whine, then a bark. A full on conversation.

The first time he did this I thought someone had broken into the apartment.

No. Just Sasuke.

Ever since that day, as regular as clockwork he will do the same combination between the hours of 3:55 AM(!) and 4:30am, my actual wake up time due to work. He even knows all my tricks to stay in bed a little longer so his trick is to bark – like actually bark – a little louder until I am up and about to give him hugs and kisses then stick the kettle on and get/make our breakfast. Even my parents couldn’t coax me out from under a nice warm blanket in the middle of…well at any point really. I love my sleep and bed waaaay too much.

He will sit looming over me making these weird ass noises or have a conversation with..himself?? until he has had enough and will yip which will turn into a bark. The picture above is one example and was taken in the summer – imagine it in the early – dark – winter mornings…. welcome to my crazy, often surreal, world.

I have never taught him this, it is aaaaaaall Sasuke and one that I am oddly proud of. I have become a lot more productive and (occasionally) a somewhat fully functional human being who is an adult! Yeay! When I want to hide from the world or not interact with people because that is my job, he still gets me out of bed on my days off at 4:30-5am and helps me get motivated. Then he runs and hides because, and he hasn’t put two and two together yet (hehehehe), it’s time for a morning walk. Wake me up early and you bet we are going for a morning walk. If I’m up so are you buster!

A couple of days ago, for the first time in over a year I woke him up!! ha haaaa! A sleepy Sasuke is the most adorable thing in the world and a memory I treasure because it so rarely happens. He is the best alarm clock ever, occasionally not as reliable, there are times when he likes to sleep in, and one I know moving forward together will be full of coffee, kibble and more coffee.

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