Aaaaaaand…we’re back

The tumor is benign.

Deep sigh of relief.

However. Of course there is a however, how can there not be a however…?!

We have to go back to the vet to have the tumor removed. This Friday. oh boy. Surgery.

This is probably where I should have a lessons learned section from the previous visit and the last encounter of trying to sedate Sas. And the answer is no. I don’t. After calling to pass along the results, the vet gave me tablets to sedate Sas half an hour before the surgery which means I have to try and book a taxi to take us there, with Sas in his crate, and me back with his empty crate. Oh the trauma of that alone.

If I’m realistic (and to be fair, I try not to be too often 😉 ), I understand why Sas has to be in the crate, in the taxi, I really do however part of me just wants to go…FFS just let him in without the crate and the trauma and stress is minimalised – we get to our destination quicker and you can then be on your merry way quicker. Alas.. no. The irony being that my dog still smells better, even on his stinkiest days, than most taxis which are rank with tobacco stench. So go figure.

Once Sas has been sedated via injection, the tablets are to just keep him calmly sedated, I will leave the vet and take the crate home via taxi then return with his rucksack and I will carry him home on the bus, while he is still sedated. I don’t think people will realize that I will be carrying my dog that way so it should be ok.

In case of any wonderment, I don’t have pet insurance and for things like his surgery, I will be paying cash. Two reasons for this. One, my Japanese is so sub par that unless it has an English equivalent (which I have yet to find) the answer is no. Going to the vet with Sas is stressful enough I don’t want to have to deal with the juggernaught of bureaucracy on top of it. Second. Why do I have to pay a third party premiums for the stress of paperwork with no guarantee of payout for vet bills for a small discount? If I have the cash – I will pay the vet the price set because of the skill, knowledge and technical expertise he is providing for Sas. (The vet is male… I’m not being an ass against women). I do know that for some it gives peace of mind, and I do not judge that. For me it is additional payments of which I don’t necessarily see the benefit.

Make no mistake though. Sasuke is my first, last and only priority. He is my world.

Once this is over, we will have finished 2020 the same way as we started it… with one of us sick and needing medical treatment. It’s an end to a pretty shitty year, globally and, where we can only go forward from this point (I’d say up however I dislike heights).

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