The Week After the Friday Before

This is going to be a long one. A two

Friday: Sas went in for his operation to completely remove the tumor on his paw. Getting him there meant a pre-emptive move on my part and the vet. So, an hour before the operation, I moved the travel crate and some covers downstairs by the entrance to to the apartment block and opened up the crate. I lead Sas down and walked him into the crate praising him verbally and with food. I called a taxi and mercifully the driver was not only dog friendly, he was exceptionally helpful – shout out to that particular taxi driver – thank you! Although Sas was restless, he calmed quite quickly, with the crate covered so he wasn’t overstimulated and I sang a tune to him as well. Within less that half an hour he was sedated and ready for the op. A drastic improvement over last time, which meant I went home. The worst seven hours I have experienced.

Friday evening: Around half six, sevenish, I went back to collect Sas and in true style he was unable to walk and tried to pick a sedated fight with the vet (why my dog 😐 ). Before he was back into his crate, the vet walked me through what he had done and the long and short of it is, the tumor hopefully has been completely excised, we now wait on the lab results. It was a hefty removal from his paw and so the vet loaded me up with meds to give at specific times and how long recovery would take. Sas is then placed into his crate (see image 😉 )and the vet kindly offered to take us home again.



Since when does Sasuke ever follow a plan? Even a vague, go with what’s happening and make it up as you go along plan?? Answer… never!!

Friday to Saturday: Even though he didn’t walk at the vet clinic he wasted no time walking, pacing and whining at home. From around 8ish until 5 am he was awake and by Dealing with work is another post, for another day (not part of the two Needless to say I only got two hours sleep before he was up and pacing again. I stuck to the routine set by the vet and tried to change his bandages. Semi success. Although he did escape on an unbandaged paw and try to make his bid for freedom? the ability to chew at his injured paw?? I don’t know what his plan was, however I was able to rebandage safely… just about. And not get bitten. Again.

Sunday: ……. trauma on both sides. Absolute bloody trauma. He stopped taking his meds – refused to eat anything and took snap at me just for trying to get him comfortable. I went back to the vet. Got a cone to help change his bandages – I didn’t get one at the start because previously he has been ok when I have done this and he has always been praised and given high value treats. I also got a change in antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs . Round 2. Nope. He took a swing at me, snapped and whacked me with his cone – the worst part was the high pitched yelp he gave. I backed off, let him settle, took the cone off and let him do what he wanted to calm down.

That bandage is still on him. It is now Tuesday. He is in the Narnia closet. Again.

As for the medication, on the way back from the vet, I picked up three different types of cheese – I didn’t know which one he would like – and some fatty port slices as an extra treat. Unsurprisingly, because wet food, bread and broccoli are clearly not good enough, he now takes his meds.

Part two will follow before the next weekly post.. I am exhausted and need some sleep before the next round of pacing and whining begins again!

Happy holidays – however you chose to celebrate the end of this year – here’s to hoping the next year will be better. Stay safe!

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