It’s not what it looks like…

Things never are.

Sas is now cleared from the vet we can now go on our long walks again with the added bonus of playing fetch and drop it on the stairs.

Problem is, we are right back to square one when going out for walks. Sas is back to being terrified of noises, cars and generally the outside world. While he has never truly gotten over it, the routine each evening and morning helped an awful lot. His convalescence from his surgery has not.

He has also developed a chewing habit on his paw which he had surgery on and other parts on different paws. I’m not sure if this is anxiety based, frustration or simply an irritation of fur growing back. Either way the best thing to be done is to monitor it and keep the routine of morning and evening walks. We play a lot more and I give him cardboard rolls for him to decimate and find treats inside. The rest of the time he spends sleeping or dozing next to me.

The start of 2021 has been rough (just like the start of 2020) however this time we are better prepared for the work ahead and we can move forward towards our goals a lot better. Goal one: back to our long walks. Goal two: learn a new skill. Goal three: enjoy what we have.

The goals aren’t in any order just something we both hope to achieve for this year. This coupled with my own goals and workload I am sure we will have a better year than last.

The difference between this year and last though? Honestly?? Not much. I have Sas by my side, a three year University course to complete, work and there is still a global pandemic raging across the world. If I wasn’t an introvert, it would definitely be a lot harder than what it is, and what it is, is not as stressful as I expected.

Life is certainly better with Sas. Pretty sure last year would have sucked more had I not adopted him the October prior (2019!), he is my chunky cookie bear. Also. Pretty sure I would have been otter bite free last year too, how boring is that?!! 😉 .

If anyone is thinking of adopting here in Japan, I know a really good adoption center, fantastic volunteers and incredible dogs, send a message and I can pass on the link. The adoption process and end result is worth it – we know! 🙂 .

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