Pit stop


As you may, or not, have been aware I haven’t written any posts regarding the shenanigans of Sasuke. For the most part there haven’t really been any. Since his all clear back in January we have been focusing on getting back outside walking. Its now February and we are still nowhere near the river.

Thats ok. Well. Not ideal, or great but better than what it could so easily be. Him never leaving the apartment.

Over the past two – three – weeks I have also been busy with some extra personal stuff that is happening. My studies. This as well as my focus with Sasuke and working full time, means I don’t always have time to post. As such we will be taking a brief pit stop until April at the earliest and then go from there.

It isn’t something I take lightly, however trying to keep a relatively stress free life in the middle of a pandemic with a dog who doesn’t want, but does need, to go for long walks can add to a difficult time. Hence the pit stop.

If you have any questions or would like to know how things are going please do email, I can reply ASAP. Blog posts are just out of scope for now 😐 .

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