Boom! We are back!

Hellooooooo! We are back after a much needed extended break.

Wow. So much has and has not happened it is difficult to know what to talk about. How about February?! Right. Ok.

Back in February, everything had caught up with me work and stress and anxiety wise. The Christmas period was more stressful than I had even been able to acknowledge, what with the surgery, lack of sleep, work, pandemic work changes, uni stuff etc that I just crashed. It didn’t really help that Sas did not want to go for his walks – barely even outside and that was stressful in and of itself for both of us. So we simply stopped. Stopped writing on the blog, barely functioned at work and stopped reading for uni.

Between February and now, typing this up, it has been a bit blurry – brain fog? I guess? I hate that woke term but it seems to fit. February turned in to March and by the end of March, Sas was starting to venture out more and we were at the very least making it to the end of our road – progress!!

However with this came working and teaching not at my usual work place but at Outservices at Universities – this equalling to stress that I did and do not need. On the flip side it has forced a routine which has been beneficial to us both. One that we try to stick with. So far so good. Now for March into April.

Sas pulled a fast one on me, cheeky sod, where he now loves going for his walks early in the morning down by the river – coincidentally when the weather has been improving. So all throughout the start of the year his not walking was not because he had gone backwards in going forwards walking outside wise, but because it was bloody cold. Facepalm.

This is a level of irony I am definitely proud of because Sasukes breed is known for being able to withstand sub zero winter temperatures in the north of Japan – yet here is my dog refusing to leave the apartment. Garrrrrrh!

April we had a minor set back, one that we are not going to repeat ever again and for work reasons will not go into too much detail – needless to say it was a meet and greet with Sas which ended up unexpectedly traumatizing us both. So no. I will not be socializing my dog with other humans simply for his welfare and peace of mind. Not ideal however it is for his benefit as he now has nightmares – yipping in his sleep. Something he has never done before.

Which brings us to May. I am now on top of studies, work, routine and walking with Sas and as I type this we are sitting on our balcony enjoying the spring summer breeze and sunshine. The plants are grown, house chores are done, Sas has been for his walk and is now lazing about eyeing the plants suspiciously (he has a thing for my orange tree..weird boy!).

Sometimes it is good to take a break.

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