What to do?!?

Well, hmmmmmm. It’s been over a month since the last post as work has been absolutely draining. On the weekend its all been Sas, Sas, Sas and nothing else.

We have been going down to the river a lot and if you follow us on Instagram we have had some wonderful moments just chilling out and occasionally chasing some GORBts (Giant: Otter Rat Beaver things – you know the one that bit me last year – yeah thooooose buggers are back). As the weather is heating up both in temperature and humidity Sas loves to have a dunk in the river then just stand there looking very pleased with himself and I end up with a stinky river boy!

Walking outside has been a slow and occasionally arduous process in order to get Sas comfortable and it will always be some form of constant training with him. I don’t think he will ever be truly comfortable in the city. That being said, he doesn’t jump as much or spook and run into the road and he has developed an embarrassingly funny disdain for people he doesn’t know. To the point where if someone we know says hello to him he will literally cross the road to move away from them or go down a different side street until that person has gone. He is definitely my dog 🙂 .

The next step is a big financial change for us where I want to get a car, move out of Kyoto and be able to take him to the mountains for camping weekends. This would do us both a world of good. However that is long term – first I must finish my uni course and save a whole boatload of money 😦 .

Home life involves a ridiculous amount of hugs, kisses and hugs and kisses along with a pawicure for Sas as he still hates having a bath and going to the groomers. So I have learnt to do it at home. Its not perfect however he is less stressed and lets me trim the fur between his paws, trim his nails and allows me to chase him around the apartment with the freshener for dogs spritz. We have a spa day for him where its all brushes and sprucing up and it allows him to be zen.

18 months together and we have our routines set. Long may it continue.

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