We’re Melting!

And we are done for the day. Yep. That’s it. No more. Short bursts of activity followed by prolonged bouts of laziness on both sides 🙂 .

We are literally melting in this awful humidity that calls itself Kyoto. Everything smells damp and wet – ish. We cant move for sweating it all out on our walk, then becoming dehydrated as a result. Then there is the dog smell. In the wood – because everything is wooden here, in the tatami – because -why?!! and in the freshly laundered clothing you have spent days trying to dry because of…… you guessed it! Humidity! It isn’t Sasukes fault.. it’s just how it is. In Kyoto.

I have decided that we have another two years of this then we are moving out of the city and I will get a drivers license here in Japan. I know its expensive, highly bias and full the juggernaught that is Japanese bureaucracy and that I must be crazy to attempt such a thing, however, we can then escape to other places where – yes there is humidity -it’s just not aaas humid as Kyoto.

In my earlier posts I was exceptionally optimistic that Sas and I could travel on the trains, if I could train him to sit in a rucksack especially designed for dogs. This did not happen – Sas hates it and he still hasn’t got over his fear of cars and motorbikes – 2 years on. This was before I discovered that Japanese transport is vehemently against animals who aren’t “caged” or small enough to be accessorised in a bag – oh the irony in that one.

So a car it is. In Kyoto. Bring it on.

The alternative is to use the money saved and move abroad to either NZ or back to the UK. Neither if which is 100% appealing as I would be back to square one. For everything. Not just financially. And still no independent transport for Sas to explore beyond the garden fence. facepalm.

What to do for the best??

That’s the current dilemma, work is not providing the financial compensation to the work undertaken – mostly because of covid…. yeah… covid. I enjoy work, what I do and my coworkers. However it would actually be nice to be paid a rate which matches the work. Once again I find myself perusing the job market as Sasuke sleeps off this awful humidity in front of a cooling fan with ice cubes slowly melting in the water bowl next to him.

Living the life – we are!

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