So I have officially caved, given into the pressures of social media and done the unthinkable. I have taught Sas how to talk.

Ok. So it is only three words – one of which is ‘MAD Mamma, MAD!’ which is quite frankly hilarious especially when he has asked for treats and there are no more left. The other two are ‘Treats Mamma’ and ‘Hugs Mamma’ , you can guess which one takes a pawing the most!

I finally caved because in the grand scheme of things it was a simple exercise, he learns a new skill and I really enjoy engaging with him and watching his brain work – every time we do this I just fall over laughing as he gets really indignant about wanting treats. I also discovered that it is a great tool/technique to help him destress as it changes his focus.

About a week or two ago a friend came over to measure out some furniture and as she came through the door, Sas started barking at her. To avoid confrontation I placed him in another room where he could hear her but not interact with her in case he did something out of character. He knows my friend however we don’t have visitors often, at all really, so this was not wholly unexpected. What was unexpected was that he took himself off into his crate. When he did that, I locked the door and put the covers over to reduce stress.

At the bottom you could see a little itty bitty pink nose and two paws trying to see what was going on.

As an afterthought, I put the buttons for treats inside, not knowing if he would tap it and play along or if I should put the button for mad in there instead. Well. That was my mistake.

Treats Mamma! — Ok baba here you go

Treats MAMMA! — Ok baba well done, they are going away now..

TRE/TREEE/TREEEATS MAMM/MAAMMMAAA!! —Ok Sasuke. Last one and thats it. Out comes the button and away go the treats.



Needless to say my friend found it hilarious he was having a tantrum for treats – she’s never seen this behaviour from him before. The last time the three of us were together was the same night I was bitten by a psychotic otter – thats how long its been. It calmed him down though and he settled back to his usual nonchalance.

Its also a great way to keep his mind engaged when it is too hot to be doing anything else, let alone walks. The humidity is back with the intensity of the heat as well and we are slowly cooking. Next step is to tackle his weight, which he as gained and his grinch nails, which have not been worn down as much due to the reduced amount of walking.

Oh boy.

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