No Walkies.. No Problem

Hello fellow dog lovers, canine custodians and to everybody else who loves a good read. Welcome to another episode of … well the title really!

It’s been a while since we have last posted and to be fair an awful lot has both actually happened and has not happened. Confused?! So are we. So lets begin.

Sas has been on the ever stubborn decline for walks and I can’t figure out why other than he simply doesn’t want to. I keep the routine of asking him every morning and evening and quite frankly it turns into a battle – slash – comedy sketch so now I roll with him. Clearly routine has not worked. Sigh. He will tell me when he wants to go poop and pee and its now, for him, every other day. I praise him and encourage him to walk further than he wants to however in all honesty he never wants to walk that far anymore.

Lots of hugs and kisses and fun activities are played in doors, including one where he wears his raincoat on the off chance he wants to poop and or pee when its raining. As you can see from the picture he is very handsome and it does the job of Sasuke not becoming a stinky boy. Small victories. This does come with a warning though.. the death glare of “I will eat you in your sleep for putting this monstrosity on me” did occur and I am happy to say I have all extremities and organs where they should be. Although I was sleep deprived for a few days… Meh. What can you do?!

So that was the has not happened… so what has happened?! Well. Let me tell you! We now have a shop! An online shop! 🙂

I take an awful lot of pictures of Sas, not all of them make it onto his Instagram but those which do, I am proud of as it shows his personality and character to his fullest. I took a selection of these, including some scenic pictures I took – not of Sas – whilst out on our walk and some which were archived from years ago as well as drawings I do for my University course and put them up for sale. So far so good! My drawings have been popular and I hope along the way so will the pictures of Sas and the scenic images of Kyoto will also sell.

If you are interested… here is the link:

Every two weeks or so I will be updating and uploading new images onto the page so please do have a look, like and support us on this website. We hope you enjoy the art as much as we have enjoyed producing it!

Quick addition: Sas has once again become the bed stealer, thief extraordinaire and I am beginning to suspect that it is because the seasons are turning here in Japan, its getting cooler and my bed looks far more comfy than his snuggly, cozy, warm den. Or it could just simply be because he can. Who knows how Sasuke’s mind works.

Thats it for now.. see you all soon!

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