Change is acomin’

Its been over a month since our last posting and, well, a lot has happened. Change is indeed a common’ to both Sasuke and myself.

I have made the concrete decision to leave Japan with Sasuke and move to be closer to family on the other side of the world. However quite a few things have needed to slot into place first and they are slowly doing so.

First we set up an online shop, while studying at University, working full time, trying to keep up with our blog and then learn how to transcribe for future, “stable”, work away from the 9-5. Like everyone else, I am exhausted with how large corporations and businesses treat their workers, how customers, who would be fine under somewhat normal circumstances, have become more belligerent and offensive using the pandemic as an overt excuse for it and still employers think they can provide crappy pay for backbreaking, soul destroying work.

So. While still working full time to earn consistent money, and studying to add an academic skillset, we are making some additional money to go into our moving fund. When I eventually have some time to sit down and go through the transcribing exam, I will have the additional ability and skill set for more consistent pay.

I have decided for both Sasukes sanity and wellbeing, as well as my own, we are going to do Van Life rather than rent a house where people are snooty (for right or wrong there is no judgment, just my own experience) about having dogs in their property. This way he gets to experience outdoors without stress, I get exercise and I can still bring in money, more so than when I was backpacking. The reality already though is that this is hard and challenging in more than one way.

I have to get rid of many items brought from the UK, check if family want anything and then find ways to actually dispose of them if they are not wanted. Rules in Japan are different to elsewhere and are difficult to navigate. Nonetheless we are making small progress. Little and often seems to be the way.

As I only hold a motorbike license and don’t drive, I have to learn here in Japan then convert it to where we want to go – so Im taking some time off work to do just that in the New Year. Then on top of all of that is the removals company as I’m still going to have suitcases etc to take over; Covid and animal welfare paperwork, vaccinations and legal requirements needed. All of which costs money! Sigh…

Then on the other side is the purchase and outfitting of van/large car with equipment, license change over warranty, insurance and everything Sasuke related to include! So, yep. Lots to do. Never enough time. And still working full time. Urrgh!

Still with me?!?!!


So why not do this in Japan? Short answer. Expensive. So far out of my budget that it is ridiculous. The van alone is absurd before you even get to financial and maintenance. Then the problem is visa and work. Work only sponsor a full time visa and I don’t want that anymore. I can’t go part time or paid per lesson financially because of all the vehicle costs which would mean either lose pay at full time and travel or have a smaller apartment, continue the awful hours and van life at the weekend, consistently exhausted. That. Is not for me let alone Sasuke.

Leaving Japan and doing this in another country was never going to be easy and when we finally get underway it will always be a struggle – however, the bills are my own not going into a rental agency’s pocket, same for bills – gas, electricity etc. It would be insurance, maintenance of the vehicle and Sasukes vet visits. However. One one level at least its cheaper!

It just simply allows for a little bit more freedom of choice in our lives and I certainly don’t want to be rich, I’m happy to have Sas with me and the open road for us to explore.

So until next month.. at some point.. we should have an update and I hope you will continue to follow us on our journey to van life 🙂

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Hope to see you again soon!

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