Slow Moving

It’s been yet another while since our previous posting. So much to say – where to begin? Right well I suppose at the start-ish would be a good place.

Before I launch into what’s been going on and what is planned – Sasuke is doing well. While not wanting to walk outside (I think he’s now an inside dog. Facepalm) we play and talk (loudly .. sorry neighbors!) and chill out together. I’ve mentioned before that he hates having his nails clipped so a big shout out to You Tube for helping me find another way. Hint. Sandpaper. He now does it himself! Pawicures all round 🙂

He has really come into his own and his goofiness and happy smiles just make my everything. Even when sleeping like above, he is magic. Although when he dreams his kicks really do hurt. My poor kidneys!

As you may, or may not, be aware we are making some major changes to our lifestyle over the next two years because we are going to be van life-ing in NZ on a permanent basis once a few things have been taken care of here in Japan.

Number one is probably equally as important as number two.. can’t have one without the other, which happens to be money and the ability to actually drive. Tick to both. Yeay! I have booked driving lessons with a school here in Kyoto who caters for non Japanese speakers. While I could probably figure it out, why cause an extra headache? I start in Feb 2022 and will with any and all luck be completed by May. Longer than I would have liked however shorter than the courses offered in NZ. Those were 18 months minimum and a veritable rabbit warren of headaches and problems.

Next steps: three and four depend on work and the situation there. I am slowly running out of non-existent patience and want to claim back my time so I can focus on other aspects of the businesses I am trying to set up. Namely our social media accounts, photography and shop with Redbubble as well as learning how to transcribe, to help supplement earnings on the road. This is all while completing a certificate in Egyptology and working full time. Hence the claim back!

Steps five and six come in the guise of gutting the apartment, Sasukes vaccinations and travel paperwork, my Pandemic Passport and taking as many pictures for the online shop as possible while we are in Japan.

The rest will have to wait until June or so next year.. I don’t have the brainpower to go further right now.. 😦

So thats it. Thats where we are right now with everything, I will keep writing and updating as its oddly cathartic and helps put everything into order and perspective. There are links below to our shop and a page I have set up to highlight and demonstrate skill level of the sketches I do for my course.

I have also set up a gofundme page to help support our travels and to enable us to give back to Sasukes shelter as our way of saying thank you.

If you would like a customized sketch or a copy of an image there are two places: Shinzan’s shop or a direct message for customized sketches. Prices are dependent on image chosen.

Hope you enjoy!

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