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Hello! Welcome back to our post and yes we are rollin’..ooooo! Rollin’ on our way yeah! Listen to the story..

Since our last post I have added a few more images to Sketches and to our Redbubble shop – do check them out they are fabulous and atmospheric. I’m working on a sketch which will hopefully be available in the coming week so keep an eye out for that one too!

Sasuke, Sasuke, Sasuke. We are out walking to the river ooooooo! River ooooooo! we’re walking to the river! Check us out! After nearly a year of refusing walks we are out and about properly which is fan-blooming-tastic. Hopefully pictures will soon be forthcoming of our adventures and shenanigans because let’s face it, it is us and well these things are bound to happen. Again.

It’s getting super cold here yet there is still no snow for Sas to frolic around or, more realistically, take one look at it and go ‘nope!’ and run back inside. In the five years living here in Japan, I’ve only encountered snow once and that was in Fukuchiyama and it was knee deep. Where is this beautiful snow that Japan is famous for?!!

The one good thing to look forward to is I have a three week vacation over winter so the next step in getting ready to move is going to happen because I now have time. Let the gutting of the apartment commence! The ideal and somewhat unrealistic outcome would be to have 2 suitcases and 5 boxes to ship over however quite a lot of the stuff I have here is a mixture of mine and other family members so I may need to pre-ship boxes in order to make the final move cheaper and less financially strenuous.

I’m still looking for a fair price on getting Sasuke over to NZ – approved pet carriers are so expensive given what is offered and the amount of work you have to do prior. Yes they check your paperwork (which is a godsend btw!) and they can get your pet through quarantine and on the flight however all of the stuff like original paperwork, vaccinations, screenings, crates, food, water, bedding, anxiety and stress – all you and your dog prior to collection. I may have to go back through emails as I was looking at doing this two years ago – when the pandemic first hit Jan 2021. Arrrrgh!

Overall things are rolling on the river nicely and in February I start driving lessons which will make this whole move with Sas more into a reality and less of a dream. I can’t wait to get the license and take him on a few short adventures in a car around Japan before we leave. Hoping to get some great images there too!

So we will wrap up here for now, catch up in a week or two with hopefully more updates on the progress of our move/travel plans and also Sasuke walking outside (yeay!!).

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