Winter Holidays are almost here… sooooooo blooming excited! I’m not, simply because of work experience, a Christmas person anymore – retail for ten years completely disabused my of that notion however I am excited a get to spend three weeks with Sas for hugs, snuggles, walkies and gutting the apartment together.

Disclaimer: I tried to get Sas to wear a Christmas hat for a quick photo.

The hat was destroyed.

Guess he doesn’t like Christmas either (facepalm).

Anyhoo…whenever I’ve taken on a big project like gutting the apartment Sas takes on the roll over supervisor. Watching me work, occasionally commenting and then finally inspecting all my hard work followed by demands for food and walks/hugs. So the countdown has begun.. 3 more work days and boom let the cleaning and gutting ready for our travels begin!

Looking back to this time last year, I don’t know how Sas and I made it through with his surgery, my work and studies and Sasukes aftercare requirements. This year is wildly different compared to our first and second year together that I’m oddly hopeful that this is our turning point for things to come.

Honestly I don’t know how I have been so fortunate to have found him and have him in my life. He has made me realize that work is not everything – not by a long shot. That money counts for little aside the basic necessities to get by on and that life is awesome when you are with dogs. He has driven me totally crazy and insane often making me survive weeks on as little as two hours a night because a cat outside is taunting him then other times been my bastion when crap happens (which is almost daily, not gonna lie here) at work.

As for now, here in Kyoto, we are starting to see the possibility of snow. The temperature has dropped lower ands no is forecast yet it doesn’t last past the early morning sun. The wind is howling through and has a lovely crisp icy bite which I love and Sas is not too fond of. Hopefully I’ll be able to get some lovely winter pictures for our shop to complete our seasons collections.. to then start all over again in Spring 🙂 .

Sas and I both hope you have an amazing time during the winter break – we hope you have a restful and peaceful start to the new year 🙂 and we will be back January with an update for everything.

See you all on the other side (of the holidays!!)

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