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Also referred as: ‘What the crap have you done now mama?!’

Hello friends and welcome back to another installment of Dogs World with your wonderful host Sasuke and his mama – me!

As you can you can probably tell by the quizzical look on Sasuke’s face he too is wondering why it has taken over a month to type up anything here and well – a lot has happened from the last post to this – so buckle up because mama still hasn’t got her full driving license yet but she is nearly there!

Right. Ok. So from the last post which was, in fact almost two whole months ago – lets see..hmmmmmm what has happened??

Well, regarding work I started back at a University Out Service which I had been doing in various states of full/half and full time again. This year was to be the fourth year. This was the year the high level of dysfunctionalism (read non existent functionality!!), bullying and highly toxic mysoginistic behaviour was no longer tolerated. By the end of week 4 I quit. Like epically quit. The warning signs have been there for three and a half years and each time I allowed myself to be harangued and bullied back into completing the out service. Well now they have to pick up the pieces and management don’t like it. I put in for a transfer and won’t get it until July. This is ok as it gives me time in Kyoto to finish driving school, change to a cheaper apartment get a camper van and look for a less toxic work environment. I just have to deal with a direct managers snide comments for 6 more week at the longest and boom I’m done.

Stay with me here … it does get better I promise!

What does this mean job wise – well I am actively looking and have found a more flexible position, either with a wholly new company or stay with the one Im at, in a different location, which would allow me to work from the camper van… I know I haven’t written about that yet… I’ll get to it!…and it will allow for Sas and I to have a bit more freedom traveling.

Next update is the driving lessons.. well due to the stress of work I came down with a migraine of epic proportion’s which lasted two days and took me another two to recover from, this meant that I had to miss a driving lesson. But fear not! I have been able to make this up and I will be able to complete the final driving test on time! Hurrah! The final test is in early June and application for full license is the week after. The next step will be to find a cheaper location to live and preferably with a parking lot. If not I could always rent one. After that it will be going to Shiga and buying a camper van.

Yes. Thats right! A camper van! However in true Japanese fashion, it is compact yet spacious, has high functionality and is stylish. In fact while out on a driving lesson my instructor pointed out a camper van and asked if that was what I was wanting to get. Heck yeah it was! The little thing is a speed demon! I love it! So not only have I been You Tubing the heck out of it for reviews and abilities etc but I have had the luck of seeing it run. And boy do I want one!! It is perfect for us!

I’m not too sure I can post a picture here due to copyright however if you google: JStar Happy 1 Camper – thats it!! It would be perfect for two years until the visa runs out and maybe Sas and I could then look at moving to NZ – Sasukes age depending on that.

In other more lighter news Sasuke has been pitching a fit over his dental chew treats because they look so life like and are humongous in comparison to the ones he usually has that he has started howling at them. He also combines zoomies with play attack which is hilarious to watch – he is so overly dramatic. You can check it all out on his Instagram page. Sasuke also lost a tooth! (No relation to the dental treats!) That was so unexpected and intriguing that I have kept it and will be going back to the vets to see if any tests can be done to either narrow down his age (its an approximation that he’s now 8 years old) or at least to see where he has possible roamed in his early years! Exciting!! (aaaaaand expensive!)

The lesson learned here – if you are new to being custodian of a dog – is film it!!! Pick up your phone, camera, Go Pro whatever and film it! I genuinely haven’t laughed has hard as I do as when Sasuke throws a gargantuan fit over a dental treat. I definitely recommend it!

Well thats it for now, I will be uploading some rough hand drawn sketches onto the sparks page from my Egyptology course and updating the bibliography over the summer so watch out for that! I will be also adding new images to Redbubble shop in the near future so please do check out what is on offer – you never know you might get a discount!

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