Long time no speak guys! Helloooooooooooo!

Well, there has been some definite progress since our last update. Sas by name and Sassy by nature has decided that he loves going for walks on the condition that he makes it difficult for me to put his harness and collar on. Sigh. What’s a human to do!

Along with this revelation of walks has come the revelation of zoomies and howling at his treats which naturally have been caught on camera and shared for all to see and mentioned in the last post we did! The hedgehog and crocodile Whimsies dental chews are the best for this .. I’ve never seen a dog go so crazy at them! Once he’s realized that they aren’t going to attack him he’ll bat them with his paw then grab and start chewing – honestly its hilarious!

Van life has become a step by step process of which I can now taste the end and the hurdles being thrown our way are infuriating because I just want the darn camper!!

From this you may have gathered I PASSED!! my driving test and have a full Japanese Car License – I got it at the end on July and this past August I have visited the dealership which sells the camper van I want to get for Sas and I and we have stalled out on obtaining a second guarantor for the van. Just an extra hoop needing to jump through except my legs won’t work because they’ve seized up from all the jumping from before. Deep sigh.

Still holding out hope though!

For those who would like to know a little bit more this is the website: https://www-jpstar–

I know the above link looks a little weird, its so it opens up the page in English for you, rather than Japanese!

Aaaaaand no. It isn’t a paid promotion or other techno stuff like that – its just so you can all see what Ive been talking and writing about and what Sas and I have been aiming for these past 2 years!

Its a great little camper and we are so excited to try and get it. The back up/alternative is that we get a regular car, pet friendly apt and still work full time… something that puts the fear of all the known and unknown gods into me. I do not want to work full time anymore!

Anyhooooow.. thats it for now.. hopefully we will be back sooner than last time with more updates and zoomies!

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