Vrooom! We’re Off!

Hello! Welcome back to another installment and an exciting update!

First we didn’t get the camper van, its a long story however the short of it is I couldn’t find another person to help me so we ended up declining the purchase.


After a week of coming to terms with this and looking back over all the information I had gathered over the past two years – I decided that Sas and I should just go back to basics. As such we have found another car dealership and we’ve been approved so we are getting a Kei Car which mimics a camper van – just a car version of it! We are even more excited about this one as it looks amazing and fits exactly with what we want in a vehicle in order to travel. Better still it has a 660cc engine so lower insurance and emissions cost!

Here is a link to what we are getting January 2023:

With this also comes some more big news and that is we are moving out of Kyoto and returning to my favorite place in Japan, Fukuchiyama. I will be reducing my teaching hours at my Learning Center and increasing my hours teaching online to allow for more flexible work life balance, to spend time with Sas and for us to go travelling!

It is also the start of my final year at UoM studying Egyptology and 3 years has never gone by so fast! I’ve made some amazing friends and contacts and hope to work with them in the future! I will miss though all the access to sources and material on Egypt and its wonderful history as its filled a lifelong ambition of mine to complete. I couldn’t have done this without Sasuke and my friends and my amazing lecturers and Professors.

We don’t stop being busy and even in or down time we are usually doing something like sleeping or watching a drama to relax! The weather is cooler which means Sas can now go out for walks earlier in the evening and these are now starting to be longer and far more enjoyable.

A companionship has developed between us where he trusts me more each time we are out and about and I know to expect him to state quite loudly, when I return home, that it is HIS dinner time and how dare I be late and want hugs and kisses!

We are home!

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They are update, just not as frequently as I want to due to time.. however new material will be coming soon!

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