It’s My Party & I’ll Sleep if I Want Too!

Hello! Welcome back on such short notice!

Today is Sasuke’s Home Coming Day and it has been three VERY eventful years with this gorgeous handsome boy.

Here is a short video if him enjoying one of his favorite treats of all time and being a complete dork about it.

Party Time

What can I say?! This was how I fell in love with him at the shelter and he is still like that today! For someone who is getting on in years he still has the energy of a puppy yet the snark of grumpy old person.

Long may we have many more years together with just as much fun, craziness and laughter! Although I really could have done without the trip to A&E, crying to the shop assistant at Burberry and panic calling the vet over an exploded bag of hot cocoa powder (the regret always! comes later with Sas) – which to this day I still cannot get out of the tatami…(facepalm!).

More candid videos of Sas doing silly stuff and making a fool of himself will be posted in the upcoming months .. for now please enjoy two videos of this adorkable boy!

Snack Time!

Happy Homecoming my gorgeous bear!

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See you soon!

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