Treat Bandit

Hello! Welcome one and all!

Today we have another installment of Sasuke and this time his alter ego of Treat Bandit… well the food bandit of his own treats that is!

Treat Bandit usually surfaces when I have food and Sasuke has already eaten his own weight in food for his dinner. The faffing about and jumping around occur when I’m about to settle down for dinner or about to teach an online lesson or basically whenever I need to do stuff and Sasuke wants attention.

Sooooo, apologies in advance for the mess you see int he background – I had to stop what I was doing and naturally pay more attention to Treat Bandit aka Sasuke. For another video I shall try to capture his other alter ego of Food Bandit! aaaaaaaand no. They are not the same! Food Bandit has a rather effective strategy of making mama deaf until he thinks she will given. Never! My food is my own and to coin a catchphrase -“I DON’T SHARE FOOD!!!” Trouble is – neither does bandit!

Ok! Here is the video!


Treat Bandit

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