One Paw Closer

Hello again fellow readers! Welcome to another installment of what the narffing heck are we doing?! Well … let me give you an update!

Sas and I are wading through the final throws of paper work for obtaining a car which should be completed by Jan 24th next year – oooooo the excitement! Our house hunting however has not fared as well as we had hoped for because – well – I’m indecisive about the type of apartment to get in Fukuchiyama. Pet friendly or not pet friendly – that is the question. Pet friendly is way more expensive than non pet friendly for obvious reasons and they also come with a weight limit on the pet themselves. Talk about giving your pet a weight complex!

Sas and I aren’t going to be permanently staying in the apartment because we want to travel 95-99% of the time, however, I am prone to migraines so it would be nice to have an apartment to stay in while dealing with them and have Sas close by. Hence pet friendly. The other option is to stay in a pet friendly hotel for those days and fork out more cash for it while saving on getting a non pet friendly apartment… you see the difficulty?! Another point to consider is that I will still be working in Kyoto 2 days a week and Sas will be with me soooo now we are back to non pet friendly vs pet friendly … arrrrrrrgh! and the deadline is fast approaching to move. Sigh.

To add insult to injury I am now a bad caretaker … I forgot to reorder Sas’ flea and tick meds for the final 6 months of the year.. so I now need to fess up to the vets that I am a bad person and only order 5 instead of 6 months. Honestly it just slipped my mind with everything happening and well now its the end of November (eye roll!) where does the time go! Sas, in and of, himself is doing absolutely fine – busy stealing my food, my sanity and my bed and to be perfectly honest – I wouldn’t have it any other way. Although our mandatory fight between sliding doors open vs sliding doors closed is our current contention, I know in the long run I am going to lose so meh!

Well thats it for now – a large mount of packing awaits when I get home from work and a large amount of packing awaits for Sas to destroy along with the trash bags as well.

See you all soon!


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