We Did IT: II!

Part Two: We are finally on the road.

After the craziness of the snowstorm we were left in limbo as the dealership contacted us and said that we couldn’t get the car until February. Shirting Heck.

After some negotiation we were able to agree, weather depending, on the 31st January for me to go to Shiga and collect the car.

Until then there was nothing left for us to do but frantically pack as much as possible in between and hope that the weather doesn’t get any worse. FYI the spoiler is in the title!

As it snowed heavily and Sasuke being Hokkaido, I thought he might like to have a walk in the snow early the next morning. I wasn’t sure because last time he had adamantly refused but this time I was hopeful as it was actual snow!

Well. He didn’t disappoint!

We enjoyed it while it lasted because in Kyoto the snow never lasts, no matter how deep it is, for more than a few days. Kyoto truly is the poster child for Global Warming!

We kept in contact with the dealership because although Kyoto basks in a heated and warm winter, melting the snow within days, everywhere else was snowed under. By snowed under I mean like you jump into the snow and you disappear its that deep, kinda snow. The snow that will stubbornly last until April or May just because it can, kinda snow. So. We waited and hoped and prayed that we could get the car by the 31st. In the meantime the removals came and took 99% of all our stuff to the apartment in Fukuchiyama and unloaded it under the watchful eyes of my friend who lives in the city.

But. I digress. Did we get the car on time?!


Success. We got the car.

We also got insurance and snow tires too, which broke the budget immensely however its made driving a lot safer for us.

Here is the fantastic team who helped Sas and I realize our dream of three years! Thank you so much G-Speed Garage!! I can definitely recommend them if you are in Japan and want to buy your own car.

For those wondering, here is the car I purchased for us to travel!

Daihatsu Tanto FunCross

Im no car aficionado but, this car is perfect. It is a really good blend of the Kei cars found here in Japan mixed with features and mod cons suitable for camping out in the wild. Another spoiler alert. It drives wonderfully and I absolutely love it!

As for the detailed specs, if you can read Japanese or can have it all translated into English, here is Daihatsu‘s website. Disclaimer: none of this is a paid promotion – its all from three years of solidly researching cars, vans etc and finding nothing suitable until this design became available.

Driving for the first time out of the dealership was an experience. I hadn’t driven a car since August last year and wow, it all came back and not once did I get lost on my way back to Kyoto. Bonus!

I won’t bore you all with the last trimmings of moving items and boxes out of Kyoto but what I will say is that Sasuke took the move like the champ that he is.

And that is a story for part three!

Stay tuned for more of our move and first two weeks in Fukuchiyama.

See you soon!

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