We did IT! III: Finally!

Settling in to our new life: February

We left part two with Sas being an absolute champ those first couple of days running back and forth to Kyoto with the car. He sat in the back and didn’t make a fuss, slowly absorbing everything that was happening around him with his usual aplomb.

If the past three years have taught me anything about Sas, it’s that he will acclimate in his own time and not before. So the lack of walks, the off schedule potty breaks and the constant need to be near me were all expected and catered for. After all his life has changed the most.

Fast asleep on the back seats

Once everything was eventually brought to Fukuchiyama we started to explore the local area on short day trips, returning each night to the apartment car park for repetition and routine for Sas. Pretty sure the neighbors think we are weird. I sleep in the car with Sas mostly to acclimate myself to the cold and the enclosed albeit cramped spaces we are now living in. Every now and then I run into the apartment to shower and clean, as well as laundry and so far so good.

For the first week, week and a half we visited small shrines, local temples and parks as well as some shops for small items like blackout window covers for the car and clothes line for the laundry. One of Sasukes favorite places is Choanji Temple just outside the main city and there is a very good reason why!


Oh boy does he love to chase the scent of deer in the woods. Im left scrambling behind, tripping over branches and falling into gullies that have been blanketed in snow. Once he’s gone as far as he can go though he will quite happily plonk himself down into a little burrow he’s made for himself and sit there.


We also visited Atagoyama Castle, again quite local and not too far from where we are based. Unlike Choanji, Sas was a little apprehensive about walking here, most likely because it was again something new and unfamiliar. However like a champ he still came along for the walk and we made it to the top to see not a castle but a shrine instead.

Just like other countries and religions, animals are not always welcome onto or into religious sites, so we didn’t venture too far inside just incase we were in the wrong visiting together. For the most part it is usually ok to walk around with your dog, however we didn’t want to be disrespectful.

We will most likely visit again at some point in the future but for now visiting in the crisp winter morning as the sun was warming up the land, I think we caught it at the right time.

One thing I completely forgot about Fukuchiyama are the mountains. Early in the morning when the weather is crisp enough and the sun starts to burn away the cold, the mountains are spectacular.

They always remind me of the Misty Mountains from Lord of the Rings. Ever present yet ever shrouded in mystery and mist!

So that’s it! Thats what we have been up to these past few months when we haven’t been busy recording what we are doing – we have been doing!

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