Further Afield We Go

Hello! Welcome back to another story about what we have been up to and where we have been visiting.

Last week didn’t really get off to a great start. We were supposed to pick up our regular tires as agreed on Monday from Omihatchiman in Shiga however that was cancelled at the 11th hour after we had already driven down. Oh well. Lake Biwa and Shiga is nice in the -I never knew these hours existed in the morning – hours of the morning.

This led to both of us being restless, more than a little tired and cranky, needing to get out of the car for a substantial amount of time. So what did we do? We stayed in the car. Slept for a few hours and then went to the coast. Yes thats right. We went North. Boy was it worth it.

The weather was, lets say… atmospheric. Rain coupled with yet more rain and a healthy amount of misty fog surrounding the mountains. In the UK we would probably say damp and dank and well .. yes it was .. but this isn’t the UK! The mountains lend a certain amount of gravitas and presence when driving to the coast – completely worlds apart from the UK!

I digress… we made it to the coast by about 7am or 8am and Sas was so excited he sat up in the front seat wanting to see what it was all about. Now. Usually he is extremely reticent about getting out of the car and this time was no exception however once finally coaxed out of the car it was so hard to get him back in!

Who knew he would absolutely love the beach!

Beach enjoyment

It didn’t matter that it was cold or raining or that the tide was being indecisive as to whether it was coming or going. Sas lapped up every minute of it and his excitement was contagious.

Personally, if given the choice I would run a mile. I hate the beach, the ocean and everything to do with it but the whole point of traveling for us both is to get out of our comfort zone and that we definitely did! I would do it all again just to see Sas’s reaction and sheer joy at being able to run around, smell and explore and you know – be a dog!

Enjoying his walk

After a few hours and uploading to Instagram some of the images I managed to capture while chasing after Sas we decided to head on back but take a rather atmospheric route back and if anything caught our eye we would stop and investigate.

If there is one thing that I am slowly learning, its that I now have nowhere to be at any one time because I can work remote 80-90% of the time and nowhere specific to go. Which is terrifyingly daunting yet also liberating. This is what I have been wanting for us both for so long. Im not sure who is adjusting more – me or Sas.

For now we will stop here and we hope to catch up with you all soon!

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See you soon!

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