Beach Day

Hello Fine Readers, Magnificent Canine friends and Welcome!!

Welcome back to another post and another adventure!

After the rousing success of our first ever beach visit and Sasukes wild uninhibited jumping and running for joy – we decided to go back and this time try and make a day of it. Emphasis on the try.. these days it really is dependent on the weather.. come on Spring we’ve had enough of the cold.

We packed up the car… well more like tidied away all of the sleeping gear and aired out Sasukes bedding ready for the trip. You know, whenever I air out his bedding and shake it all down he is completely grumpy with me like I talked smack about his favorite food or something yet when he gets it all back its the best thing ever! All new fresh smells, old ones as well, before mama does a full days worth of washing just his bedding alone!! I can never get him to leave it.

Aaaaaanyhow…by around half 7 we were out back on the road again, every intention of making a full day of it. The morning warmed up, doughnut clouds and mist encircling around the mountains were slowly burning away (for some of the mountains they looked like they were on fire – but they weren’t!) and the day was warming up nicely.
While on our way, we past our friend who was on her way to work and was distinctly concentrating on the road and day ahead. We messaged her later on, and she was surprised she missed us!

An hours drive later and Sasuke figured out, from the back seats where we were and his expression was comical to say the least – almost like he couldn’t believe where we were..

Once he put two and two together… well lets just say he embodied Queen… “Don’t Stop Me Nowwwww!” Apologies for the extremely shakey camera footage, I couldn’t keep up!

I can honestly say that I have never seen him so happy as to when he is at the beach. He absolutely adores walking up and down the coastline on the sand sniffing and smelling all around him. As the tide rolls in he will play and splash about in the water, occasionally if he’s not watching or been distracted by something, a larger wave will roll over him and he’ll jump and then turn to me with a shit eating grin!

Little monster knows that the one thing I forgot to bring was a towel to dry him off with – you know I hadn’t even thought about it because last time he had avoided the water. Epic. Facepalm. So now instead of stinky river boy I have stinky ocean boy and I can honestly say both are as bad as each other. Lesson learned, as usual, the hard way.

After several photo shoots, runs up and down , up and down, up and down the coastline, the wind was really starting to pick up and the waves were starting to get a little more rough braking onto the shoreline. We decided to head back to the car; wet, stinky and all thinking we could perhaps wait it out. I gave Sas copious amounts of bottled water as he had tried, and mercifully didn’t like, drinking the sea water; which he appreciated very much. Not 30 seconds later he was conked out on his bed still wet and stinky with that shit eating grin on his face. Win.

A couple of hours later and the wind actually got worse, shaking and rattling the car so we made the executive decision to go across the Yaru river to the other side to Lawsons and wait it out. No Dice. The convenience store was far more exposed than the beach so after buying some snacks we were back on the road again. We tossed a coin and decided because it was a warm day, wind aside, to perhaps visit a temple or shrine nearby so another half hour maybe 45 mins drive away we found Moto Ise Naiku Kotai shrine hidden away in the mountains along Route 9.

The weather was a lot calmer than before and so much warmer it was wonderful. We went up the mountain together – although Sasuke didn’t enter the grounds, we went up the steps and looked from a distance. On our way up there were some spectacular views of the valley below and a cheeky chap asking if I need to take a rest along the way. Cheeky git.

We took our time to admire the view of the valley below and I have to say it was quite a sight. The surrounding landscape was peaceful and serene – Sas could quite easily blend in camouflage as he matched the colors perfectly.The warmth of a sunny day, peaceful scenery and Sasuke on his best behaviour was a winning combination – Im not sure who enjoyed it more!

Soon it was time to return to the car which was nice and toasty for a change. I caught up on work as Sas… you guessed it … fell asleep again after some food and water. All too quickly it was time to make another decision. Stay where we were and camp for the night or head back to the apartment.

Well reality hits and is dictated by work. I couldn’t guarantee the wifi signal completely even though it was working for Instagram and email – Skype and Zoom are altogether different. So we headed back with the promise of returning to visit the other shrines.

And thats where we will leave it for today!

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