Planning Ahead

Summer is coming!

Hello! Hello my fine canine and human friends – welcome!

Well a lot and nothing has happened since our last post. We decided that after roughly a month of staying relatively close to the apartment, the time has now come to start fully stretching our paws (we don’t have wings.. obviously!) and move away for overnight stays else where.

The place we chose was one that has become familiar to us, one that we also know allows over night stays as its a comparing ground too and is out the way but still technically local and that was Choanji Temple. Awesome.

Now. There is one thing that I really do need to get my head around quite quickly and it was completely unexpected, naive I would even say or more honestly down right stupid of me. During the day and also the day before, I had been keeping an eye on the weather reports and for the day that Sas and I were due to start camping properly it said 30% chance of snow. Well. I guess I’ve lived in Kyoto for waaaaaaay too long because those numbers mean that there is little to no chance of actual snow.. snow – more like rain with an identity crisis and ending up actually being rain.

Well not in Fukuchiyama!

Sas and I made it to Choanji for an evening walk and as the night rolled in we got settled, had dinner and wrapped up warm ready for an easy night. We heard people come and go which was fine and honestly sometimes I think I watch waay too many crime/detective dramas because at first everything sounded sinister. A couple of hours later and all was well again. Except the temperature dropped and we could hear the rain on the car.

It was not. rain. Sigh.

We woke up to this at 5:30 maybe 6:00 in the morning…

Taken from inside the car!

It was a complete snowstorm we slept through and for the love of everything good and whatever deity you can think of it was like Narnia – the only thing missing was the White Witch. Then reality hit with a really loud thud, or maybe that was the snow falling off the trees – who knows. More to the point who cares?! How the heck are we going to get out of this? Its at the very least ankle deep. Well – shit.

Sasuke watched from the window inside the car as I cleared car as much as possible and tried to figure out a way to actually get out of the carpark. Thankfully Japan is really good at letting nature grow in a some what manicured naturalistic way…

Behind the car!

Rather than going through the middle of the car park to get out and inevitably get stuck.. mwah ha haaaaaa.. we went around the edges where the snow was less dense. Take that nature!!

Oh crap.

What the…?! The main road out of the car park.

Insert expletive here. The more profanity you can think of the better.

An hour – yes an hour!!! later we made it back to the apartment – going oh so slowly. Remember those odds?! 30% my ass. It continued to snow for the next couple of days so rather than fight against it Sas and I worked and walked and slept.

Let that be a lesson learned – again (so many effing lessons – its exhausting trying to remember them all!). So planning ahead is clearly essential and not really what this episode was really meant to be about (facepalm).

What we took away from this adventure in nature was that a) Fukuchiyama does NOT mess around when it comes to snow. Snow is forecast?!! then there IS snow! Second, snow aside we were and are ready for the next big adventure.

Sometime in March, not too sure when as of now because you know – we are planning it -we are going to take a trip to Hiroshima and camp at the beach there for a good few days before work proper sets in and I have to teach face to face again.

Sooooo watch out for the upcoming blogs: we have the water dragon to watch out for when we visit temples as well as visiting as many beaches for Sasuke in as many different places as possible. Oh and to watch out for the effing weather as well!

Until next time…!

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