It’s here.

It’s that day, the day which is dreaded by all of the canine species…

It’s vet day.

Duh dun duuuuuuuuuuuun.

Sasuke is due to go to the vet some point this week and for the most part it is relatively ok. I try to treat it as an extended walk. However. I have one smart little crispy cookie and he knows the route equals trip to the vet – even when we walk in that direction and not go to the vet, he puts up a struggle. Until I break out the snacks and all is well.

This time however, it’s a bit different. See, Sas has some markings on his belly and a swelling between the pads of his right hind paw and while walking is ok, he puts pressure on it without flinching, it does cause him to lick and hide his paw in equal measure when we get home. As for the markings on his belly – I think they are fine, again no irritation or swelling – I just want to make sure he is fine. It’s his paw I’m most concerned about.

To ease his stress, I have taken lots of video and photos of the swelling and marks home and when the visit is due, I will go without him. But why?!! I hear you cry… well… you see this is because when Sas goes to the vet he gets really anxious and stressed because of the environment. Go figure – I mean when do we ever go to the doctors unless we absolutely have to, right? And we are stressed when we go – so it is for dogs. The vet, and assistants, are an absolute dream and I couldn’t ask for better vets yet Sasuke has now snapped at them three times and this was before issues with his paw (otter – people – that scar still hasn’t gone down on my leg…). This is unacceptable and unfair to Sas to put him in a stressful situation with a person he doesn’t trust looking at his paw – I sense a law suit if Im not careful!! It’s also unfair to the vet who is only trying to do his job and can’t because Sas is scared and he knows it and will likely get bitten for it. So. No.

I will be going to the vet, alone, armed with a phone full of pictures of Sasuke’s paw and markings and a barrel full of questions and we will hammer it out and decide if Sasuke does need to come in and meet his arch-nemesis (aka our wonderful vet!) or if it will fix itself. Forewarned, forearmed and freaking out (internally) is the motto of the day.

Luck shall be wished and possibly hoped for, that it is nothing serious and that the dreaded Vet Day is postponed until next month as originally planned when Sas goes for his regular check up.

To be fair, Sas has been able to con me out of various treats so I don’t think it’s going to be too serious.

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