2019 – 2022

  • Coast: I

    Coast: I

    Greetings fellow friends and canines! Welcome back to our adventures around Japan… well.. Kyoto Prefecture for now! As I write this, with Sasukes input sitting by my side, 2 weeks have gone by and as alluded to in our last post we have been busy traveling along the Kyoto Prefecture coastline. Due to working online… Read more

  • One Paw Closer

    One Paw Closer

    Hello again fellow readers! Welcome to another installment of what the narffing heck are we doing?! Well … let me give you an update! Sas and I are wading through the final throws of paper work for obtaining a car which should be completed by Jan 24th next year – oooooo the excitement! Our house… Read more

  • Treat Bandit

    Treat Bandit

    Hello! Welcome one and all! Today we have another installment of Sasuke and this time his alter ego of Treat Bandit… well the food bandit of his own treats that is! Treat Bandit usually surfaces when I have food and Sasuke has already eaten his own weight in food for his dinner. The faffing about… Read more

  • It’s My Party & I’ll Sleep if I Want Too!

    It’s My Party & I’ll Sleep if I Want Too!

    Hello! Welcome back on such short notice! Today is Sasuke’s Home Coming Day and it has been three VERY eventful years with this gorgeous handsome boy. Here is a short video if him enjoying one of his favorite treats of all time and being a complete dork about it. What can I say?! This was… Read more

  • Videos


    Hello! Back again with a quick installment of what’s happening.. Due to an unexpected abundance of time management and clarity(!), I have been able to catch up on quite a lot of the projects we are doing. One of them is downloading, editing and uploading videos of Sas when we first got the Go Pro… Read more

  • Vrooom!          We’re Off!

    Vrooom! We’re Off!

    Hello! Welcome back to another installment and an exciting update! First we didn’t get the camper van, its a long story however the short of it is I couldn’t find another person to help me so we ended up declining the purchase. HOWEVER! After a week of coming to terms with this and looking back… Read more

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